For Handling Glass with Ease

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Glass Vacuum Lifter Befard XP 600 is intended for handling, loading and unloading glass, glazings, sheetings , as well as, all kinds of smooth surfaces. Vacuum lifter is also very facilitative when assembling such elements- it makes the work significantly easier, quicker and safer.

Glass Vacuum Lifter Befard XP 600 is compatible with the cranes of all brands. What is more, machine handles difficult situations and conditions. Each Vacuum lifter version is adapted depending on the individual needs of its users.
befard vacuum lifter
glass vacuum lifter
polish glass vacuum lifter
vacuum cups

Unique features of vacuum grapple BEFARD XP 600;
– manual 360 degrees rotation
– blocking at every 45 degrees rotation, additional blockings
– two independent vacuum circuits, each sealed
– integrated units for vacuum measurement
– manual lowering (without degree scale)
– easy, individual cups configuration; no need for professional tools
– maximum lifting capacity (600 kg)

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