For delicate glass lifting and assembly

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Vacuum assembling device Befard XC is designed for all kinds of work associated with glass, windows, sheetings and smooth surfaces mounting. Assembling device Befard XC is also reliable during loading ,as well as , unloading these types of products. The size of the machine is a huge asset, its width allows unrestrained mobility through the usual doorways, which facilitates works inside the buildings.

Vacuum assembling device BEFARD XC finds a use at every venue where professionalism and work precision are the most significant aspects. Assembling device Befard XC, thanks to its vacuum cups, is able to mount – glass, windows, sheetings, as well as all types of smooth surfaces weighing up to 600 kg and it can reach up to 12 ft.

Users have an opportunity to configurate the parameters of the machine depending on the individual needs.

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